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Kimmie and Josh Hinerman



My Story

Our Scentsy Success story
In January 2012 I took a leap of faith, not even knowing what Scentsy was, Just to earn a little extra as a broke college student and farmer! I cannot even begin to fathom all the wonderful places it has brought our family! I am so happy that we can do this together and one day hand it down to our children!!!

At the time I was focused on making JK Boer Goats better and focusing on my kids, The four legged kind, but It is so crazy how your “WHY” can change over time! Here I am 12 years later after starting Scentsy and my farm is still my farm and we have grown so much since the beginning because of my Scentsy business, however, I now have three of these cute little kids who have become my main “why”. Everything I do is for them and now my main focus is still on my kids but of the 2 legged kind!!! So thank you Scentsy for allowing me to work at home so I can be with my littles all day!

Being a top leader in this business and has made me want to be a better persons for my team and for myself! I have a dedication to helping my team members with whatever they may need and teaching them how to be successful with their own businesses! Team Wild, Wonderful & Wickless is what you could call my biggest passion! I love hosting trainings with them as well as leading them in the right direction to our free training calls and training center to better help them understand how to learn/ earn more within their business.

Learning through the years how Scentsy has blessed our lives, we continue to search for those looking to better their lives with their own Scentsy blessings as well! Being able to reach financial freedom is our ultimate goal and we know that Scentsy will be able to lead us there!

Thank you for reading,
Kimmie & Josh Hinerman
Independent Scentsy Star Directors

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